Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My AAdvantage goals this year

The past year I have not been travelling with American Airlines at all, so for the first time in years I am back to regular membership. My goal is to become a Gold member before New Year and at least Platinum by year end.

I will be able to reach Gold status on just a one way transatlantic trip from CPH-MIA through an undocumented trick that I will describe later. In the new year I should be doing quite a bit of transatlantic travel, which means that I doubt I will have any problems reaching Platinum status. Who knows maybe even Executive Platinum, which I have never had before.

I also aim to make my travel as comfortable as possible with as many free upgrades as possible. Both through electronic upgrades and through use of my miles.

I currently have:
  • 37,098 miles available
  • 6 Electronic upgrades
  • 347,098 miles to date in the program
After each trip I will update my status and let you know how it went.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you ever post the trick?

2:12 PM  

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