Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Made it to Gold now waiting for Platinum

I'm now back from a little vacation and have flown at least 11000 base miles. They are taking a while to show up at the moment, but will report back when I have the full miles of the trip.

So I had originally signed up for the Gold Challenge and then called a week or so later to change it to the platinum challenge.

Funny thing happened though. The made me gold through the challenge anyway. So they hadn't actually removed that anyway? My guess is that it got removed from the front end system, but that the low level process that triggers the challenge still was there.

We had 2 upgrades. One paid for by miles and the other by upgrade credits as we were now gold and could use them.

Now I have done the miles necessary for the plat challenge. I'm just waiting for the miles to post. I'll report back.


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