Thursday, March 30, 2006

Earning extra bonus points

The AAdvantage program gives you lots of opportunities to earn extra bonus points through special offers announced on their Airlines Offers page.

These are normally created to promote a new or quiet route. I don't recommend travelling just to get these bonus points, but if you're going to say Shanghai why not go for the bonus as well?

The important thing to remember for these bonuses is that you have to register for them. If you are already logged in to all you have to do is click the register button. By registering you do NOT obligate yourself in anyway. But if you don't do it and take the flight you wont get the bonus.

Some bonus are based on class of service. The current Shangai bonus for example gives you 15,000 miles in business or first class and 7,500 on coach.

Some have also been acumulative. I once earnt a ridiculous amount of points on a promotion where they would increase the bonus for each time I crossed the atlantic.

Rather than checking all the time. I will try to do so for you and post the relevant offers here so all you have to do is subscribe with your blog feed reader.


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