Monday, January 16, 2006

Earning and using AAdvantage miles in Europe

Through the one world alliance Aadvantage members can both earn and use miles on other airlines. For example I live in Europe and can use the following airlines with pretty much the same benefits as if I was flying on American:
This means that I can earn and use miles on these airlines. I just have to remember to give them my AAdvantage number when I buy or check in.

I do have to say of these Iberia is the worst for earning miles as they only give 30% of the miles flown for economy class flights. Their service is notoriously offensive as well. That said they are as good as anyone else for using miles, so it would not be a bad idea to use them for a trip to the Canaries which costs only 20,000 miles from a European location.

If you are Platinum you have all the benefits of priority check in and lounge access with the above airlines. The only problem is the lack of any real upgrade scheme. However I have heard of people being able to sweet talk their way to one.

To use the miles go to this relatively new award chart on the AA web site.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Platinum challenge success

They finally posted the miles from my return flights and I have become platinum. Complete with 100% bonus for my last flight and all.

I am very happy that this became a successfull double challenge as I received a few extra miles in the way of the 25% Gold bonus for the flights I made between reaching gold and platinum, which works out to 2195 miles extra. I was also able to use some of the gold member benefits such as electronic upgrades.

What this does mean is that it may be possible for you to first sign up for the gold challenge, then wait a couple of days to do the platinum challenge. Write here if you manage to do so.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Made it to Gold now waiting for Platinum

I'm now back from a little vacation and have flown at least 11000 base miles. They are taking a while to show up at the moment, but will report back when I have the full miles of the trip.

So I had originally signed up for the Gold Challenge and then called a week or so later to change it to the platinum challenge.

Funny thing happened though. The made me gold through the challenge anyway. So they hadn't actually removed that anyway? My guess is that it got removed from the front end system, but that the low level process that triggers the challenge still was there.

We had 2 upgrades. One paid for by miles and the other by upgrade credits as we were now gold and could use them.

Now I have done the miles necessary for the plat challenge. I'm just waiting for the miles to post. I'll report back.