Monday, April 10, 2006

Earn a minimum of 20,000 miles flying between San Francisco and Sidney

If you're planning on a trip from the US exploring Australia, now is your chance for an amazing bonus miles deal from Quantas airlines. Quantas the Australian airline is a partner with American Airlines.

The basic deal is that if you book a flight in the "S" fare class as well as an Aussie Airpass they will give you 12,583 bonus miles on top of the 7,417 miles you already will be getting from the return flight.

Now one thing to be aware is that "S" fare gives you 50% of the actual miles flown. The rules say that the ticket must be booked in "S" class. I guess that means if you fly with a more expensive fare class you wont get the bonus, which to me is odd. You might want to call Quantas to ask about it.

Another thing to think about is that Quantas currently has a $999 deal for an Aussie Airpass which includes a flight from LAX or SFO . Is this eligible for the bonus miles? I don't know as it doesn't mention the fare class.

For any of you looking to try these out please call Quantas and post what you find out in the comments.

Read the full details here.